FLOYD'S AUTO REPAIR offers a special air conditioning performance check service to identify any leaks or mechanical problems. Regardless of vehicle manufacturer, our technicians are equipped to diagnose and repair your vehicles air conditioning system.

KFLOYD'S AUTO REPAIR's Air Conditioning Service includes:

??Inspect system for leaks (hoses, couplings, valves, evaporator, etc.)
??Recover any old refrigerant
??Remove refrigerant and store in an environmentally safe storage and recycling unit
??Evacuate the system - minimum 30 minutes
??Inspect and adjust drive belt tension
??Clean condenser fins if needed
??Remove moisture which can cause a chemical reaction with the refrigerant resulting in corrosion, contamination and eventual system failure
??Test compressor operation
??Fill with proper O.E. amount of refrigerant (refrigerant extra)
??Pressure test and check for leaks
??Check output temperature
??Check proper operations of controls, blower motor and cooling fan (engine)
??Check antifreeze (engine coolant)