Below are some of the common questions you should ask yourself concerning your vehicle's brake system:

??Is your brake warning light on when driving?
??Is your brake fluid low, or appear very dirty?
??Do you hear a grinding sound or a squealing sound when you apply the brake pedal?
??Do you feel a pulsation or some sponginess in the brake pedal when it is depressed?
??Does your vehicle steer or pull to one side when braking?

These are the most common signs that can suggest a potential brake system problem that should be addressed immediately. Any other sights, sounds or sensations in the brake system that seem out of the ordinary should also be taken into consideration. Most times, brake system problems will only escalate if disregarded.

??Technicians at FLOYD'S AUTO REPAIR are trained to service today's complex brake systems. They can inspect your vehicle's braking system to ensure that it is functioning properly or to diagnose a problem and offer suggestions and an estimate for repair.

??From brake pad replacement, servicing rotors, replacing brake cylinders, to addressing Anti-Lock Brake System issues, Floyd's Auto Repair provides full repair service for all your vehicle's brake components.

??Additionally, we can perform routine maintenance as suggested by your vehicle's manufacturer. Most often this is a brake system flush, which involves the removal of air and moisture from brake lines and the replacement of brake fluid. Whatever your vehicle's brake system needs, FLOYD'S AUTO REPAIR can perform the service to help ensure its proper working condition.