If it has been a year or 15,000 miles, your engine could have already built up deposits. Dirt, varnish build-up, corrosion and carbon deposits restrict the flow of air and fuel to your engine. This happens with all fuel-injected vehicles.

The Problem

Deposits in the fuel and air intake system that cause:

??Hard starting
??Rough idling
??Loss of power
??Poor fuel economy
??Increased emissions
??A need for higher octane gas

The Solution

Completely clean the entire fuel system of deposits:

??Fuel lines
??Fuel injectors
??Intake valves
?? Combustion chambers
??Throttle plate and throttle valve

Restore the fuel system to its original design for:

??Maximum performance - easy starting, smooth idling, increased power, eliminate knocking
??Maximun fuel economy
??Minimum emissions

Routine fuel system maintenance helps avoid expensive repairs.

For performance, safety and the life of your vehicle, make sure a Fuel System Tune-up is a part of your normal maintenance schedule.